To see those far from Christ live an active life like Him

We are a church online. GATHER every week. GROUP to do life together. GIVE to see our city transform. GROW to see the GOSPEL come to life.



Celebrating the message of Jesus.


Join us live on Thursdays at 8 PM.

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We Group


We bring faith to life together through The Font COMMUNITY. We GROUP to live an active life in faith.

A Life In Faith Shouldn't Be Done Alone

We may be online but we are the church, believers in Christ who share their lives together in faith. We can be found in groups of 3 or more meeting online or in public places, such as coffee shops, restaurants, parks and homes every week in your city. 


We are a community online.

Meet new people, join a Hangout, and be a part of changing community through our online platform.

We are Launching Our First Campus in South Florida.

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Meet with Us

Join us online or at one of our hangouts around the city.


The Font Reach


To see the restoration and the renewal of the socioeconomic fabric of our cities.

We give our time through volunteerism and community outreach.

We believe our talents are gifts to share God's love to this world. 

We are generous with our money and resources. We freely donate to see our world transform and for the love of God to be known