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About the App

Welcome to The Font, a church online. We are community through technology. We gather in-person and online around the world. With our app, you will be able to: 

  • Watch weekly updated spoken word by Rhema, music by Zamar, and inspirational sermons by Isaac Frere on demand. 
  • Attend live broadcasts and chat along with our team.
  • Have the Bible with you everywhere you go.
  • Give with radical generosity to see our world come to Christ.
  • Receive real time notifications on events and announcements. Don't miss a thing! Download our app today.

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Reading Plans

Take your reading plans with you where ever you go. 

Note Taking

Take notes during hangouts, Bible study, or sermons. 

Bible Reading

Access to almost 50 different Bible translations and 2 audio versions that that you can access on the app.