Faith to Life


We are generous givers and not getters. We believe that it is more blessed give than to receive. Your giving is an investment into eternity. With your financial support lives are being changed, people are being reached, and the message of Jesus is reaching the world.

Your Giving. Our Accountability

The Font, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. All gifts and donations are tax deductible. Giving statement provided upon request.


God's Dime

Tithing is a spiritual privilege to show our gratitude to God and to build His kingdom. We tithe by giving 10% of our earnings to show that we put God first in our lives and find fulfillment in Him.

Your Giving. Our Accountability

We take your giving seriously and are accountable to God for how we manage His church. For every dollar you give, we aim for:

  • $0.30 to supporting our people (church, kids, & staff)
  • $0.25 to outreach
  • $0.20 to our facilities,
  • $0.20 to operations
  • $0.05 to everything else.

Three ways to Give